“This simple truth of what triggered the Filly Leather story, it started in response to a knock on the door, a man in need carrying a box of leather offcuts and some tools that he desperately needed to sell. With no experience I found myself making my very first leather item; a unique rugged looking handmade handbag for my wife – she loved it. Soon followed my first iPad sleeve and ever since then, the requests haven’t stopped. The production of custom leather items combined with quality finally led to the formation of the Filly Leather business. In 2022 we embarked on the remarkable journey of celebrating TEN years of Filly Leather by rebranding to TAU.

What was first just a garage hobby is now a living dream – producing high quality handmade leather products while caring for people. Every Filly product you buy is making a difference in the life of someone in need.”

-Phillip Pretorius

We are motivated to honour our God the Creator through business.